An awesome little story or the best present ever.

My mom is part of this group of women.  They are all pretty important women in our area city council, school board, all sorts of things and then there is my mom (I’m leaving it at that as she’s being a brat tonight.) The group calls itself Daughters Of the E. (town we live in) Revolution or the DOERs.  Its silly but anyways, one of these women was at a party and ran in to a parent of a student from the school I was at last year.

“How’s Jim?” – Mom’s friend (fictional name)

“He’s great… [somehow math comes up]… He always struggled in math until last year when he had this great student teacher and he totally got it.” – Jim’s Mom

“I know that student teacher.” – Mom’s Friend

THAT WAS ME!!!! I remember this kid he took every math class twice up until mine. I feel awesome.

best christmas present ever.  I mean the knee-high grey leather boots are great but this is better.


3 thoughts on “An awesome little story or the best present ever.

  1. That’s awesome. And if it wasn’t for a series of chance encounters you might have never known. It makes you think about how many students must have had similar experiences but never told you.


    1. I’m reading this entry even though it was posted quite a while ago. And zshiner, what a truth you spoke!!!
      For all teachers, there are many students whose lived have been changed – it’s not so often that they get a chance to tell you and/or you get a chance to hear it!
      Great words!!!


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