Airport Math.

I am stuck in the San Diego Airport. The other day I made a statement and a friend said to me, there has to be some good math in that.  So here a whole bunch of questions I have thought up while sitting in the airport.  No answers just a lonely girl stuck at the airport.

For the average traveler do they spend more time on the ground or in the air from door to door on trips?

What is the average traveler? (I’m thinking in the States) How old? What gender? How does that vary by route?

What is the over/under on flights leaving on time?

How much does that vary by airline? or airport?

What kind of math is used to maximize the use of the planes for the airlines?

What are the other applications of that math?  Is it secret math?

How similar is it to the matrix stuff for dating websites?

What is the shortest distance you would fly to avoid driving? (not math)

What is the average length of time that a pilot has been been flying? What is the standard deviation? Does this vary by route? Or by airline?



YAY! I’m boarding!… night all.



1 thought on “Airport Math.

  1. Maybe not exactly “at the airport” but I like where students get a map and need to plot the shortest point from A to B. They always choose a line of latitude, not great circles. It’s a nice intro to 2d v 3d and it elicits a lot of questions.


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