Books to read if you’ve decided break is really for a break.

I don’t read non-fiction.  Almost at all. I read blogs, and some web articles and if someone I really really respect throws a professional development book my way I will read it usually grudgingly and then I will be happy I did.  For me though, reading is an escape, it’s a chance to be someone else for a while to do something wholly unrealistic and stupid.  So I present to you:

My List of Books You Should Read Because You’ve Decided to Actually Take a Break During Winter Break.

1.   My Uncle Oswald or Kiss Kiss by Roald Dahl

Did you know Roald Dahl wrote adult books?  They are actually short stories but they are amazing.  He is the master of the twist ending and his sick sense of humor that you get a glimpse in to in his kid stuff is out in full force.  If your looking for weird go for Kiss Kiss if you are cool with adult content My Uncle Oswald is my personal favorite.  It’s about a man in (I think) the 1930’s who decides to start the first “Men of Note” sperm bank.

2.   Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

This book is funny without being offensive and trust me it skates a fine line.  The basic premise is that an Archangel comes down to get Jesus’s best friend so that he can write the missing years of the bible.  He wants people to know what happens in those 30 odd years that are not in the bible.  And it turns out Jesus and Biff went on some pretty good adventures.  Possibly the funniest book I’ve ever read.

3.   The Timetraveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Okay, the movie sucked.   I mean I know people liked the movie but I just loved this book and the movie cut out what was most interesting to me which was the Timetravel.  I love it because not only is it brilliantly written but her theory of time travel is exactly was I always assumed it was.  I also know that it is a bit of a chick flick of a book but I know guys who have read it and thought it was quality. so there.

4. World War Z by Max Brooks

I’m not gonna front this book has zombies in it. But It’s not about zombies and it’s not trash.  The concept is that after this epidemic spreads and the war is over a journalist goes around the world interviewing people who survived about different times in the spread.  If you like books on tape this is amazing, different people read the stories and it is so good.

5. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

This is probably the only really really famous book on my list.  I have read all of the series many times.  It is in my mind the most clever and bizarre book ever.  I love it.  ‘nough said.




Those are my top five books ever but here are some other reccomandations

For the person who reads YA fiction: The Hunger Games is amazing.

For the person who like science fiction: Ender’s Game or Stranger in a Strange Land.

For the person who has NO commitment issues and it looking for 10,000 pages of Fantasy: The Wheel of Time series.

From my mom: Time and Again it’s about time travel. It’s cool.

Happy Break from me to you, read something non-educational.


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