In which I talk about my teaching.

I teach a course called Functions.  If I had a favorite course it would probably be this one.  Functions is like Algebra 2 lite.  I taught it for the first time last year and I did fine.  I mean that.  It was just fine.  The kids learned stuff, I taught stuff, and, you know, stuff.

But I’m going to be honest here, I’m not sure they thought that hard.  In a class where I can teach whatever I am not sure I taught thinking.

So yea, I’m gonna do better.  Here’s what I am giving as a syllabus.  This is it.  Nothing about grades and scores.  Just expectations.

Functions and Trig


Teacher: me

Office: hogwarts

Office Phone: 867-5309


Dorm Duty: Tuesday Night

My goals for this course:

1)   That you leave this class feeling successful.  This will take work from both of us.  I intend to support you in this but you have to do the work.

2)   That you want to know more.  I will spend a good amount of time showing you things in math that I think are cool.  We will also explore things that we as a class think are interesting.  The goal is to not always see math as a problem to be solved but sometimes as a question to explore.

3)   That you feel part of the class community.  It is hugely important to me that everyone in this class feels welcome, safe, and willing to share.  If you ever do not feel this way I need you to talk to me right away.

My expectations for you:

1)   That you will come to class ready to learn.  That includes having done any required work and brought it to class.

2)   That you will revel in your mistakes.  Mistakes make class (and life) so much more interesting.

3)   That you will respect that everyone in this class has value.  That their comments and their work are important and that if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t be us.

My pet peeves:  I’m going to fill you in right away on these right away.

1)   Cell Phones:  Turn them on silent before class and don’t look at them.  There are not that many people in this class and I am asking you to be present for 50 minutes.

2)   Headphones: I will talk to you every time I see you around campus.  I already like you.  So do your best not to walk around campus with your headphones.

3)   Dress Code: I know that you want to wear your leggings to my class but let’s just agree you won’t, okay?  It drives me bonkers when you are out of dress code and yes, I will make you go change.  I love clothes and I will notice and then all period a little part of my brain will be saying, “Dress code.  Dress code.  Dress code.” So let’s save both of us the hassle and just wear pants.

That’s it.  Let’s be awesome.

I don’t know what will come of this but I am excited.


6 thoughts on “In which I talk about my teaching.

  1. I just showed the dress code portion to Ashli because it made me laugh. She thinks in British so it made her laugh harder (pants=underwear in her mind).


      1. Interesting… the three years I spent at an all-girls school were the least dress code conscious years of my teaching career. It just never seemed to come up at all.


  2. Please share your students reactions. I loved how inclusive you are here that I felt Like sharing your blog with my new colleagues to see a different perspective of “syllabus”


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