30 days.

I apparently told too many people I was going to do this and now I have to. Because actually, Fawn already started.

Today starts of #MTBoS30 for me. I am going to try to post everyday for the next thirty days.  If you want to join use the hashtag or tweet at me and I’ll check out your stuff. Good Luck!

I drove 70+ miles to have lunch with Fawn yesterday.  I realized how deeply I had missed her.  She is not who I want to be when I grow up.  She is who I want to be right now.  It’s not that she’s perfect it’s that her sense of self is so solid.  You just get the impression that Fawn can tell the difference between the big stuff and the small stuff.

We talked about the lovely humans in the #MTBoS. The value of a few more years in the classroom before you are an expert.  When to speak truth and when to shut the hell up. (Something I am terrible at.) We talked about our lives and our families and our values.  We easily filled 2.5 hours.

Tomorrow I start the last month of my 6th year of teaching and everyday I feel the value of that time more and more.

So I guess I’ll share it with you.


Happy day 1 friends.


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