Small Pieces of Privilege #2

I watched a video of myself teaching yesterday.  I am, finally, after 28 years pretty okay with my voice. I actually like the way I sound when I teach. I am charismatic and silly and fun.  But they way I look? Well that’s a different story.  I have solid self-esteem stemming from a mother who never spoke about body issues and a self of style I like a lot but damn, I looked fat. (Here’s where I state that I know I am not and I like myself but in the context of honesty that was what I thought when I watched the video).

My privilege comes: I am comfortable in an airplane seat.  I can walk for a few hours without ankle, knee, or back pain. And, most importantly for me, I can shop where ever I want.  I mean I’m not on the small side of the normal section but I have never had trouble going into a store and finding things that fit.  This is huge.  There are jeans that exist that fit my body (and look pretty cute). This is privilege. It’s one that I experience everyday. 


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