The three of you.

To the three of my students that found this,

It’s okay.  You can totally read this.  I don’t write secrets on here.  In fact, if I did, it would be silly as our head of school knows about it.  You can talk to me about it if you want or not.  It’s cool either way.  You can comment or not.  My teacher friends will think that is super rad if you do.  

And since I know you will ask, no, I am not going to change this to my real name not because this is some huge secret but instead because I have no need to be googleable.  

Two last things, first, if you want to write a post on what it’s like to be in my class (although only one of you has) or what it is like at our school or anything else please do. I will post it.  Second, you are not responsible for anything up here.  Meaning if I am sad, grumpy, or tired you do not, and in fact should not, try to fix it.  Trust me when I say I am happy just getting to be at our school.  

Anyway feel free to keep lurking or not read this at all.  

Now go study for finals!


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