There are pine nuts on the floor in my kitchen. Why? Because I live by myself that’s why. (Also cause I spilled them when eating them out of the freezer and well, I didn’t pick them up. TAKE THAT MOM!**)

My brain feels better, in case you were wondering.  After a year of what can only be described as the most hours I have ever worked times a million I finally feel ready to think again. It was a trying year and lots of things I can’t blog about but I learned more than I ever have, too.  Certainly more than I ever expected to.

I feel a little more solid in myself then I did at the beginning of this year which may just be a side-effect of growing up but is a good feeling nonetheless.

I learned this year that when I need space it is not rude to take it.  I can say no to things and not be left out.  In fact, I can chose to be alone.

I learned that adventures with people are great but you can go on adventure by yourself if no one is around. I went to flea markets, bars, New York City, plays and movies by myself and it was grand.

I learned that listening is a tough skill to master but well worth it.  It not only build relationships but allows for connection and makes people feel valued.

I learned the most mature of us ask for help all the time and offer it in kind. Sure I will fix your computer and thank you for explaining that math concept that left my brain back in high school.

And, I was reminded as I seem to be yearly that happiness and forgiveness are choices.  That in making those choices my life is just better.


I should write a post about grad school and about an awesome Ed Tech Teacher training I went to but right now I am only writing what I want when I want and that feels good.

*This is my 82nd post on this blog.
**My mom probably doesn't care at all. So long as I pick them up before she comes to visit in November.

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