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Chalkline with Noah Cho.

Dudes, the summer lazies are hitting sooooo hard.  So this is two days late.  Ooopps.

Episode 9.

This week I am talking to an English teacher!  I know shocking.  Noah Cho is super rad.  You can read some of his writing about his amazing identity curriculum here or here.  Or some thoughts on dating while being an Asian dude here.

To listen: Code Switch or NPR Politics.

To watch: Did any of you follow the #carefreeblackkids2016 hashtag?  It was so lovely this vine  I have watched it approximately 100 things.

To read: Melinda again, Melina always.  This article on the lasting impact of Social Justice on our students of color.


People Noah thinks you should follow on Twitter:  Nicole Chung and Celeste Ing


Chalkline with Moses Rifkin.

Happy 3rd of July! I’ve been spending the days reading, sleeping, quilting, tving, listening, and what not.

Episode 8

This week we speak talk to the super cool Moses Rifkin. We talk about his curriculum, life, and work. If this episode were to have a title it’d be, “Hey guys! We’re not going to die today!”

This is a million things to listen week:

  1. Jenn’s History of Ed podcast which is awesome.  I love this dress code episode.
  2. NPR’s Code Switch! Guys, it’s good.  Just do it.
  3. Also, Radiolab’s More Perfect.
  4. This episode of This America Life featuring Lindy West and Roxane Gay.

To Read: Hilary Clinton’s Letter on The Toast


People Moses thinks everyone should follow: Chanda Prescod-Weinstein and Sarah Tuttle

Chalkline with Ilana Horn. (Part 2)

Dudes,  sorry about yesterday.  It got away from me.  Which is silliness as I am not doing a whole lot these days. #summer  If you listened to the first half of this then you already love Lani would be my guess.  If you didn’t you should listen to that first cause this makes less sense without it.

Episode 7

This week’s syllabus.

To Read: Okay, real life.  My start of summer reading is rereading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  This is not cool.  Next on my list is finishing Shrill and For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood.

Oh, also this article Choosing a School for my Daughter in a Segregated City.

To Listen: Moses recommends this week’s On The Media about Orlando which I intend to go listen to right now.  Also if you missed Chalkline’s episode on Orlando it is pretty okay.

To Watch: Bryan just reminded me that I have been meaning to watch United Shades of American.  How about we watch and chat about it in two weeks?

Person Lani thinks everyone should follow on twitter:  duh, Fawn Nguyen.

Chalkline: Orlando.

I’m going to mess this up.  I’m going to say the wrong thing. I’m going to do something that isn’t right.  Correct me. Here in the comments, on twitter, or facebook.  But do it with some kindness and decency because this was rough, is rough, and will be rough still and I am just trying to properly use my tiny corner of the internet.

In this episode first I speak to Megan Hayes Golding from episode 1.  You will hear some stuff from her and here is the post she wrote to her students about how to handle this massive tragedy. Some of her advice will help you talk to your students. Some of it will just help your heart.

Then I talk to Maria Al-Shamma she’s a social worker and a hard core volunteer at our local LGBTQ center.  She runs Project Youth and is just an all over amazing person.  She talks about what our local center did and then general advice about talking to your LGBTQ kids/students.

I’m not going to write a ton more. Listen. This is important.

Episode 6

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Some links. Gotta click them all.  this. this. this. this. this. this. this. this. this.



Chalkline with Ilana Horn. (Part 1)


Okay, Lani and I talk too much and Lani is always on point soo this is part 1 of my interview with Lani.  In two weeks (maybe next week?) I will put up the second part. In this part we talk about her journey to PhD work, what she’s teaching, how much she loves teachers, and her observational tips.

Episode 5

This week’s syllabus:

To read:  I’m reading Lindy West’s Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.  As a loud women myself I love hearing that I am not alone.  On a side note I tweeted to her about something and I apparently set off the trolls and dudes, from 2 tweets interacting with her I was called a cunt by at minimum 45 strangers on the internet in the course of 10 minutes. If you want a peek into her experience here is her interview on this American Life.

To read (2): Instead of listening this week I will share the statement from the unconscious woman that was assaulted at Stanford.  Read it.

To watch: So I’m watching Being Mary Jane with Gabrielle Union.  If you want some slightly trashy and hugely engaging summer binging the first two seasons are on Netflix.



Chalkline with Tina Cardone.

My mom always laughs because I refer to Tina as the loveliest human I know and soon you will all understand my love.   Tina and I talk special ed, class sizes, busing, nixing the tricks, foster parenting, and more. Her kindness and generosity of spirt shine through in every word she says.  I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Episode 4.

This Week’s Syllabus

To Read:  Lani’s post on creating a sense of belonging in the math classroom. It’s so good I wrote a post about it.

To Listen: Stuff Your Mom Never Told You.  Pick a topic their research is top notch.

To Watch: This Vine.  Which I definitely haven’t watched four hundred and seventy five times.


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Chalkline with Sadie Estrella.


Dudes, do you know anything about Hawaii? Well you will after this!  Sadie is here this week to tell you all about the school systems in Hawaii, the importance of relationships, and the necessity of following your gut. Her feelings of belonging and her sense of self are so envy-making.

Episode 3.

This Week’s Syllabus:

To Read:  Lots to read this week.

1) Check out the #MTBoS30 hashtag for a bunch of great posts from math teachers.  I’m going to do a weekly round up in my next post here.

2) Grace’s post here.  On why love is not enough.  And from that this piece by Jeff Duncan-Andrade on Critical Hope.

3) Lastly, in the podcast I reference this NYTs piece on poverty and school performance which is so important.

To Listen and Watch: I don’t have a ton at this moment.  Is there something I should be listening to or watching?  Let me know here or on the twitters.

Person Sadie thinks you should follow on twitter: Brendan 


Chalkline with Rafranz Davis.

OMG you guys.  Talking to Rafranz is like talking to the friend you’ve been missing for years who is so impressive it makes you babble.

Episode 2

We hit on growing up and reading her first book by a black author, segregation, #educolor, body image,  teaching her children, and surviving the zombie apocalypse.

This Week’s Syllabus:

To Read:  Can I say everything Melinda writes?  But particularly this piece for the Atlantic on why white kids need diverse teachers.  (Also, I mistakenly call her Melissa in the podcast cause I am the worst.  It’s Melinda. I’m Sorry.)

To Listen:  Is there any other option?  Lemonade.

To Watch:  (Well, also, Lemonade but)   Fermat’s Room.  I am showing this movie to my third period seniors and I love that it is not only a great and addictive thriller but it’s about people doing math, in Spanish.  This vine about Sexual Assault Prevention Month.  NSFW

Person Rafranz thinks everyone should follow on twitter: Zac Chase




Chalkline with Megan Hayes-Golding.

Alright Friends, Here we go!  This week I talk to Megan Hayes-Golding!

Episode 1

This week’s syllabus:

To Read: For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood… and the Rest of Y’all Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education by Christoper Emdin

To Listen: the get. With Ivy and Rhiana

To Watch: The West Wing for no reason other than because always.

Additions from Megan:

Stonewall Activity Whitewashing Activity Video

Person Megan Thinks everyone should follow: Frank Noschese




Chalkline. Podcast?



Hey Friends,

If you follow me on twitter or in the facebook you know that I have been messing with the idea of a social justice in education podcast.  And here we go.  I hope you will bear with me as I work through the kinks.  I am currently working on getting this on iTunes but for now if you click the link below you can listen to me introduce episode 0.

Episode 1 will come out next week with special guest Megan Hayes-Golding.  She’s the coolest so prepared yourself.

Anyways, please take a minute and give me a listen.

Episode 0