I took this picture today after spending hours digging through my mom and aunt’s facebooks looking for a picture of my grandmother wearing this necklace.  I want to write a whole post about how much I miss her but I am exhaustion. So, not tonight.  For now, know this, I got her steel trap mind and Tom got her luck.  I’m not sure who made out better.

Today’s story

I teach a student let’s call Mike. Today Mike’s dad emailed me to set up a meeting and I said “Sure!”  Then I checked in with a few people who said I should ask for an extra person in the meeting.  Okay, cool.  So I spent all afternoon worrying about this meeting.

Then after tutorial one of my freshman’s dad is picking him up and he walks in to talk to me.  I have a quick chat with him but I am well aware that I have another meeting like this exact moment. But it’s cool cause that parent is late.

Anyways, after that meeting my AP and I walk up to the front thinking we’ll meet the parent there.  When he’s not there 20 minutes late I check my email.  “Where’s the email?” Then I find it.  You know what the student whose dad I just talked to’s name was?  Mike.

I had confused my two students with the same name and worked my self up to a tizzy about a meeting that was SOOOO easy. Also, I worked like 4 other people up, too.

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Who is in?


A- Age: 30
B- Biggest fear: Alligators and Dinosaurs.  Yes I am stupid thank you for asking.
C- Current time: 9:16 pm but I’m tired like it’s 4am
D- Drink you last had: water
E- Every day starts with: waking up to pee 
F- Favorite song: Party in the USA
G- Ghosts, are they real? Nope.
H- Hometown: Encinitas, CA
I- In love with: Teaching
J- Jealous of: people who get to go to graduate school
K- killed someone?: not today
L- Last time you cried?: Student’s Dad died
M- Middle name: Deborah
N- Number of siblings: 1
O- One wish: napz
P- Person you last called: Mom
Q- Question you’re always asked: What page are we on
R- Reason to smile: Kids are funny
S- Song last sang: My Humps
T- Time you woke up: 5:34am
U- Underwear color: black
V- Vacation destination: All of my friends
W- Worst habit: all the terrible food
Y- Your favorite food: Pizza
X- X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth
Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn 

Nominate 8 more people

Michelle, Tina, Fawn, Kate, James, Julie, Hegde, Wendy  <3 You.

Follow Up on Rudeness

So for those of you that were wondering the child I was rude to came to tutorial today (and/or the child who was rude to me).  She doesn’t need to fix anything she just came to hang out mostly.  The tissue issue was brought up and here’s the conversation that happened:

Students including her laughing about her tone.

Me:  I felt really bad about the that.

Her: (laughing) You always feel bad, you don’t have to.


I don’t know exactly what this means but I think relationships have been repaired and it will be okay.


p.s. I know I missed 3 days so I’m gonna try to double up on a few just for myself.  Happy Monday.

What do you do with rudeness?

I am ridiculously optimistic.  I get it from my father.  I love the kids pretty relentlessly no matter what they do but occasionally my brain explodes a little.

I have a scholar with a tone.  Like everything I am doing is the worst.  I actually think she likes me and my class but literally all the eye rolls and pissyness and everything all the time.  I have not managed to convince her that her tone is a lot.

Today I lost my cool a little when while I was talking at my desk  this scholar got up walked to my desk violently pulled out all the tissues from the box and then threw the box away. All while huffing and stomping.

There are a myriad of annoyances here including that I don’t let kids take things off my desk at all ever.

It’s the entitled piece maybe? I don’t know but I called her out in a tone that was enough to make the rest of the class quiet. It was not my best moment.  If we’re being honest though I don’t know what to do.  It’s May there have been 20 conversations around all the things that she did in that moment that were rude.

So now I’ve damaged a relationship maybe?  I don’t know. I owe a kid an apology, maybe? Probably?  I don’t know. BLAH.


No, not male. Mail.

At the end of the play this semester we sat in a circle and wrote thank you notes to all the people that made it happen. I am working on teaching them life skills and one life skill is the handwritten thank you note. Everyone loves getting mail.

I love sending letters.  Short notes, fun cards, stamp and send.  It really makes people happy.  So I am giving you the chance to get some mail.  DM me, Facebook Message me, or email me your address and I will send you a card.


Because making people’s day is my fav.


Happy Tuesday.


Chalkline with Sadie Estrella.


Dudes, do you know anything about Hawaii? Well you will after this!  Sadie is here this week to tell you all about the school systems in Hawaii, the importance of relationships, and the necessity of following your gut. Her feelings of belonging and her sense of self are so envy-making.

Episode 3.

This Week’s Syllabus:

To Read:  Lots to read this week.

1) Check out the #MTBoS30 hashtag for a bunch of great posts from math teachers.  I’m going to do a weekly round up in my next post here.

2) Grace’s post here.  On why love is not enough.  And from that this piece by Jeff Duncan-Andrade on Critical Hope.

3) Lastly, in the podcast I reference this NYTs piece on poverty and school performance which is so important.

To Listen and Watch: I don’t have a ton at this moment.  Is there something I should be listening to or watching?  Let me know here or on the twitters.

Person Sadie thinks you should follow on twitter: Brendan