Chalkline with Noah Cho.

Dudes, the summer lazies are hitting sooooo hard. ¬†So this is two days late. ¬†Ooopps. Episode 9. This week I am talking to an English teacher! ¬†I know shocking. ¬†Noah Cho is super rad. ¬†You can read some of his writing about his amazing¬†identity curriculum here or here. ¬†Or some thoughts on dating while being … Continue reading Chalkline with Noah Cho.

Chalkline with Ilana Horn. (Part 2)

Dudes, ¬†sorry about yesterday. ¬†It got away from me. ¬†Which is silliness as I am not doing a whole lot these days. #summer ¬†If you listened to the first half of this then you already love Lani would be my guess. ¬†If you didn’t you should listen to that first cause this makes less sense … Continue reading Chalkline with Ilana Horn. (Part 2)

Chalkline with Sadie Estrella.

Dudes, do you know anything about Hawaii? Well you will after this! ¬†Sadie is here this week to tell you all about the school systems in Hawaii, the importance of relationships, and the necessity of following your gut. Her feelings of belonging and her sense of self are so envy-making. Episode 3. This Week’s Syllabus: … Continue reading Chalkline with Sadie Estrella.

Chalkline with Rafranz Davis.

OMG you guys. ¬†Talking to Rafranz is like talking to the friend you’ve been missing for years who is so impressive it makes you babble. Episode 2 We hit on growing up and reading her first book by a black author, segregation, #educolor, body image, ¬†teaching her children, and surviving the zombie apocalypse. This Week’s … Continue reading Chalkline with Rafranz Davis.