Types of Friends

not mutually exclusive.

  • the one you call when you have a bad day
  • the one who calls you first with big news
  • the one who is your biggest cheerleader
  • the one who gives out baked goods
  • the one who calls you on your bullshit
  • the one you sit with at lunch
  • the one who is online but have never met
  • the one with all the wisdom
  • the one with the good instastories
  • the one who rages with you about societal bullshit
  • the one who sends you pictures of their baby/dog/cat
  • the one you talk to about money
  • the one who always hosts
  • the one you introduces you to the best people
  • the one who forces you to work
  • the one with the same taste in terrible media
  • the one you can share clothes with
  • the one who pushes you to be better
  • the one who knows how to mix a drink
  • the one who you have known since diapers
  • the one who hates your nemesises for you
  • the one you only talk to once a year
  • the one who believes in you more than you believe in yourself
  • the one who is just consistently there

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