Tales From The Chalkline (Part 2)

Alright friends, let’s try this again.

I just got back from NCTM and I was trying to think of how to reflect and Tina said this:

Tina is not the first person to tell me this.  In fact this is the third time I have seriously considered rebooting Tales from the Chalkline. If you’re confused here’s archive of posts. Dan’s working on getting season 1 up so people can listen if they’re interested and I’m gonna do a Welcome Back episode but I’d like to try something I’ve never done before.  Do any of you listen to It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders on NPR? It’s an excellent podcast and at the end of the podcast he plays clips that people sent in about the best part of their weeks and I LOVE it.

Soooo… I’m gonna do the same thing here, except here are the instructions.

  • Record a less than 30 second clip on your phone.
  • Start with your name
  • Then answer one of the following:
    • One thing you LOVED at NCTM
    • One thing you would like to see change
    • One thing you are taking away from NCTM
  • email it to talesfromthechalkline@gmail.com
  • You have until Friday the 12th.

So it might sound like

“Hi, This is Anne. The one thing I would change about NCTM is I would like to have more time for teachers to connect. I get the most out of time I spend with other teachers and I would like more structured time for that!”

Does that make sense? Feel free to tweet at me if you have a questions (btw all smart phones have a voice memo app).

Also, if you are a long time Chalkline listener (or just a big Anne supporter) I’m gonna ask that you retweet this post with someone who you would like to send me a voice memo. That would be super helpful!




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