Article Group Week 3.

Happy Monday,
I meant to send this out on Friday but it didn’t happen. We will be meeting this Friday at lunch in my room.  This week’s reading is focused on MacArthur Genius Grant awardee Nikole Hannah-Jones.  She writes about school segregation for the New York Times.  You have three options:
1) A podcast option!  Listen on your way to school.  I am not doing this to make it easier for you. I truly believe what we are doing is work and it is work worth doing but this is a great interview.  The podcast is called “Why is this happening with Chris Hayes?” And the episode title is “School Segregation in 2018 with Nikole Hannah-Jones” from July of this year.  Please try to sit down for five minutes after you listen and jot down your thoughts so you have thing to discuss Friday.
The other two are options are from her writing for the NYT
2) “Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City” is the second option. This is a great option if you have kids and have had to (or are going to) chose a school for them.  I read this a couple years ago and found it fascinating without having kids.
3) “The Resegregation of Jefferson County” is the third option. I would call this the bonus option.  It’s a good read particularly if you are of the belief that Brown v. The Board of Education ended school segregation.
The questions are simple:
1) What was one thing in the article that surprised you?
2) What was one thing that made you feel defensive and think “Well we don’t do that here!”?
3) How does [our school] contribute to school segregation or inequity in school in [our community]?
Have a great week!  See you Friday!

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