My work this week.

This is a fast blog post.  Coming off of Val’s work with #ClearTheAir. I sent this email to my staff:

Hey Y’all,

I understand that we all have an abundance of things on our plates but I am interested in continuing our anti-racism work at [our school]. So, I will be holding an article club in my room every other Friday at lunch.  I will send out the reading, at the latest, the Friday before with some questions to think about as you read. This will be an open space for conversations and obviously other people can select the article if that’s something they are interested in.  I am hoping lots of you can and will join. If this kind of conversation makes you feel uncomfortable then you are extra invited!

Week 1 will be next Friday the 7th at lunch.  Attached are two readings.  #1 is Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh and the second is a collection of Racial Identity Models complied by Val Brown for the #ClearTheAir twitter chat.

As you read #1 some questions to think about:
1) What privileges do you have as you walk around in the world?
2) How are your privileges different than those of your students?
3) Are there privileges you read about that you hadn’t thought of before on the list or ones that you feel are missing?
4) What privileges do groups of students have [at our school], in your classroom?

As you read #2 some questions to think about:
1) Where do you fall on these scales?
2) Where do you feel like our students fall?

I hope you’ll join me!

#1 mcintosh #2 Compilation_of_Racial_Identity_Models


That’s it.  We’ll see how it goes.


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