What if I did this every week? V1

Hey Friends! This a new thing I am going to try called “What if I did this every week?”

Remember when I had a season of a podcast and I would include things to read and look at?  Literal quote from my mother, “Why do you do that Anne?  I doubt anyone clicks.”  Thanks Mum, you the best.  Well y’all this is essentially that.  But without the podcast.  So basically things I’ve listened to, read, watched, bought, or talked about this week.  Maybe some questions I have?


First I have been reading Trouble Makers by Carla Shalaby.  I’m 1/2 through and it is outstanding. It’s a study of four students who are basically “troublemakers” in their respective classrooms.  It has me thinking about freedom and love in my classroom.  I keep coming back to the fact that just since being at DLA I have been more often telling kids I love them.  Which was NOT a thing I did my first 4 years of teaching.  Why?

I am reading it because of Val Brown‘s #ClearTheAir chat.  If you don’t have time to read the book go read and think about the chat.  Then tweet at me! I want to hear your thoughts.

I reread this old piece from Teen Vogue about the use of Black reaction gif.  Teen Vogue is doing the work y’all.

I listened to these two Podcast episodes about FX’s Pose which I intend to watch this week.  They are all different and super interesting. Still Processing, “We Chose Our Own Families“. Latino USA, “Portrait Of: 80s Ball Subculture in FX’s ‘Pose’”.

**On the recommend of a friend I listened to Nikole Hannah Jones on Why is This Happening with Chris Hayes talk about school segregation and it was deep and painful and so so real.

Maybe you should order this for your classroom? I will buy you one if you message me.


I am also reading some of my comic books from comic con! First Women’s World which I like to joke is Y: The Last Man without the last man. But really it’s much funnier and silly.  And I am in the middle of Bizarre Romance By Audrey Niffenegger (one of my all time favorites from Time Traveler’s Wife) and illustrated by her husband Eddie Campbell.  It’s weird and interesting and reminds me of Roald Dahl’s adult stuff.

I absolutely LOVE tv and although I didn’t watch much this week I read this article from the ringer about the 100 best episode of this century.  Please read it and talk to me. I SO need to discuss this!

I have been listening to Forever 35 a podcast about self care really.  This week they had Samantha Irby on and it was fantastic.  I do end it wanting to buy about $150 in skin care products.

And since I love when other people include stuff like this: I bought these shoes for the school year.  I have bought a pair each year for the last like 4 or 5 and I wear them 2-4 days a week. They go with everything.

**one thing you should most read/listen to this week

small goal for the week: read more of Troublemakers. Also, what if I do this again next week?



2 thoughts on “What if I did this every week? V1

  1. Love those shoes! I have a similar pair that I have just about worn down to uselessness–the hair has rubbed off of the back of the heel–but I can’t bear to toss them because I can’t find them again. Maybe these will be a good substitute. 🙂


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