New Year. New Goals? Same Goals? Goals.

I am not a great goal setter.  I like the idea of them but I don’t usually speak them out loud and I don’t usually follow through so it makes total sense that that I going to set some right now:

  1. Prioritize time with friends/ say yes. There was  a year when I worked at Emma when I decided that I was just going to say yes to every invitation I could reasonably do.  The past couple years I have flipped that and prioritized being alone and that’s been good for me but this year’s goal is to do more not less.
  2. Keep a to do list/ journal. I did this for a chunk of last year and felt super on top of my life. I am going to try again.  I am also interested in being able to look back and see what I did this year.
  3. Be a better ally.  I want to show up more and do more.  This includes more phone calls to congress and house members. Open to other suggestions.
  4. Really listen. To my friends, to my students, to my family. I’m going to put down my phone more.
  5. Eat like an adult. I like candy more than you.  I can almost guarantee it.  I did a good job of eating well for like two months last year but I need to start again with this school year.
  6. Figure out how money works.  I’ve talked about this here before but I really have no idea how to budget or save or not just throw away money. I am seriously considering hiring a personal finance person to help me.
  7. Keep climbing 3-4 times a week.  It makes me happy and stable. Maybe take up running again? Even the idea seems terrible.
  8. Date. I did a pretty good job this summer but if we’re being honest I need to really try if this is a thing I want in my life and I do.  I want a partner and kids and all that. So here it is. I am going to try.
  9. School Goals:
    1. Talk less, listen more. (I just want to be Burr apparently) But really I want to make sure I am taking time to hear the kids and my colleagues.
    2. See more teaching.  Get out of my classroom during my prep and see other people teach.

Alright, that’s it.  Those are my goals.  They are not small. I am putting an alert in my calendar for two months from now (October 7) to update you on how I’m doing.  Also, do you have goals for this year?  Wanna share?


2 thoughts on “New Year. New Goals? Same Goals? Goals.

  1. Good goals! My main one for me is to learn some work life boundaries. My 4th year in – I don’t want to burn out yet!


  2. I’m having a *really* hard time coming up with my list of professional goals this year. And my goals meeting is on Friday… Though if I don’t have a lot of goals, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

    In other thoughts, last year I added an extra layer to my to do lists (could NOT get by without them!) which was to write down the time I wanted to work on each particular task. So my list might look something like:

    grade M3 problem set (Tues A block)
    email Stu re: quiz retake (Mon)

    It was really helpful in getting myself to focus on my priorities during each of my prep times without getting overwhelmed.


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