Things I am doing.


  1. Staying informed. (It’s hard because it’s overwhelming but not knowing is not an option)
  2. Spending time with women friends.
  3. Donating small amounts of money regularly.
  4. Supporting independent artists and big companies that are making the right choices.
  5. Teaching the children.
  6. Prioritizing cleaning, showering, and exercising. Gotta be fit to #resist.
  7. Telling my loved ones that I love them.
  8. Sending more real mail.
  9. Trying to save money possibly using ellevest, has anyone used them?
  10. Saying yes and showing up for as many things as I can.
  11. Finding the pieces of joy in my days.

Happy FriYay 😆#TheRevolutionWillHaveJoy

A photo posted by Radical Monarchs (@radicalmonarchs) on Jan 27, 2017 at 4:29pm PST



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