From the mouths of…

My Children. Present without comment but with permission.

“Today I am feel really mad at all the people adults in the nation who decided to vote for someone that thinks “Making America Great Again” is done by eliminating people from this nation who want a better life.”

“We all obviously nervous. For whats gonna happen. if were gonna stay or not. Its also scary we are all being label once again.”

“I WANT MY RIGHTS.  idk what I am trying to say. I am just upset.”

“The reason I am sad is because Trump was elected but I guess it’s okay until January thats when the truble comes and the rest I don’t want to say because it’s too emotinal for me.”

” I have two older sisters who were not born here but have DACA. Donald Trump said he would take DACA away.”

“I’m scared Trump will really deport all illegal immigrants back to Mexico. If this is true, I’m not ready to see a lot of my family gone.”

“I dreamt Clinton won somehow and everything was okay.”

“He doesn’t make the laws. He can’t force people out right of the bat.”

“Why American? Well, he’s 70, maybe he’ll keel over before too long.”

“It seems that I’m not as valuable a person as I thought I was.”

“I’m worried about Trump. I’m excited about Friday.”

“I feel really pissed off about the election.”

“Today I am worried that eventually my mom and dad are in trouble and that they will eventually be taken back to Mexico or jail for being here in California.”




1 thought on “From the mouths of…

  1. How did you respond to the student who said “It seems that I’m not as valuable a person as I thought I was”? It concerns me that a student came up with this conclusion because of a racist man that got elected as President.


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