Chalkline with Moses Rifkin.

Happy 3rd of July! I’ve been spending the days reading, sleeping, quilting, tving, listening, and what not.

Episode 8

This week we speak talk to the super cool Moses Rifkin. We talk about his curriculum, life, and work. If this episode were to have a title it’d be, “Hey guys! We’re not going to die today!”

This is a million things to listen week:

  1. Jenn’s History of Ed podcast which is awesome.  I love this dress code episode.
  2. NPR’s Code Switch! Guys, it’s good.  Just do it.
  3. Also, Radiolab’s More Perfect.
  4. This episode of This America Life featuring Lindy West and Roxane Gay.

To Read: Hilary Clinton’s Letter on The Toast


People Moses thinks everyone should follow: Chanda Prescod-Weinstein and Sarah Tuttle


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