Game Time #MTBoSyearbook

I humbly request that you tweet your picture and senior quote for the #MTBoSyearbook.

All Tweets will be complied next week and posted in a most excellent spread. If you would like to put someone else in the yearbook you are welcome to do that but they can override yours for their own.

For example:  Andrew really wants Fawn in the Yearbook.  He tweets this pictureScreen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.26.57 AM.png

With the quote,

“I’m always fucking losing shit including my mind.”

Fawn is like, OH HELL NO. And instead tweets this.Fawn Nguyen

“Andrew is super nice.  Except when he bites, which is a lot.”

I would include the one Fawn wants since it’s her spot. Even though obviously the first one is better.

Basic Rules

  1. Tweet with #MTBoSYearbook
  2. Include your name, a picture of yourself, and your quote
  3. Yes Elizabeth it has to be your face and not a monkey
  4. You can include other people but be sure to tag them so they can override
  5. The deadline is Next Friday June 3


Spread the word friends.



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