30 things

Thirty things I have done (and will do) since I turned (and while I’m) 30.

  1. Dyed my hair blonde and pink
  2. Filled a two bedroom apartment with furniture and love.
  3. Managed Mulligan’s first health crisis
  4. Began the foster care process
  5. Spent the night in the gym with 80 seniors
  6. Held auditions for the second school play
  7. Took 27 hours of foster care classes
  8. Worked out twice a week for three months
  9. Made new friend
  10. Got my best friend a job at my school
  11. Failed a test (for the second time)
  12. Drove to and from Vegas to take said test
  13. Got my home inspected
  14. Supervised Pride Week
  15. Hosted a Talent Show
  16. Co-Hosted a Baby Shower
  17. Put up a second production
  18. Started a Podcast
  19. Became more involved with the local LGBTQ community
  20. Saw a friend be ordained
  21. Attended a student’s father’s funeral
  22. Saw my cousins for the first time in years
  23. Graduate our first class of seniors
  24. Learn how to work out properly
  25. Let a child into my home
  26. See my best friend get married
  27. Put up a musical
  28. More things
  29. to be added later
  30. to this life reminding

me just how good my life is.


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