Today’s story

I teach a student let’s call Mike. Today Mike’s dad emailed me to set up a meeting and I said “Sure!”  Then I checked in with a few people who said I should ask for an extra person in the meeting.  Okay, cool.  So I spent all afternoon worrying about this meeting.

Then after tutorial one of my freshman’s dad is picking him up and he walks in to talk to me.  I have a quick chat with him but I am well aware that I have another meeting like this exact moment. But it’s cool cause that parent is late.

Anyways, after that meeting my AP and I walk up to the front thinking we’ll meet the parent there.  When he’s not there 20 minutes late I check my email.  “Where’s the email?” Then I find it.  You know what the student whose dad I just talked to’s name was?  Mike.

I had confused my two students with the same name and worked my self up to a tizzy about a meeting that was SOOOO easy. Also, I worked like 4 other people up, too.

#winner #tuesday


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