30 things that make you smile

I am using a prompt today from Tina’s List.

Considering today was it’s own personal hell.  Here I go:

Make a list of 30 things that make you smile.

  1. Students asking other students good questions
  2. Kids telling me jokes really badly
  3. Notebooks being passed around and talked about
  4. The children coming into my class with a story they’ve obviously been saving all day
  5. The number of people doing the #MTBoS30
  6. Being made fun of in Spanish by the people at work
  7. Misandrinks
  8. Texting my best friend and just getting it
  9. Thinking about Joanna’s upcoming wedding
  10. Cleanly painted nails
  11. Real long stories with terrible eatings
  12. Baby Feminists
  13. The stuff my former students are doing
  14. Tequila
  15. Seeing kids be really good at things
  16. Glitter and Sequins
  17. Taylor Swift’s extreme awkwardness
  18. Old fashioned folded notes
  19. Cards in the mail
  20. My friends having babies
  21. Adoptive parents talking about the pride in their kids
  22. A really good outfit
  23. Super silly snapchats
  24. Drama Monsters
  25. Mulligan laying on his back
  26. My brother’s really stupid dog
  27. New shoes. All shoes? Good Shoes.
  28. Lazy Sunday morning that become afternoons
  29. Clean sheets.
  30. Internet friends becoming real life friends

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