Questions I don’t get asked

Three questions I wish people would ask me about my teaching practice and my classroom (and the answers):


  1. What is it like when kids are learning in you room?

When kids are learning in my room it is LOUD and there is a lot a leaning in to table groups.  When kids are learning in my room there is mad debate over answers.  Wrong answers are treated like mines to be scavenged for understanding and right answers are acknowledged then moved right along.  When kids are learning in my classroom there is surprise and wonder when things don’t go how I expected.  Expectations are abandoned for mathematical adventures that occasionally dead end.  When kids are learning my in classroom the board are filled with layers of handwriting that isn’t mine and the air is thick with voices.  Kids feel empowered to share and help and grow.  When kids are learning in my classroom there are little bits of magic.

2. What do you want your classroom to be?

I want first and foremost for my classroom to be safe.  I want kids to walk inside and realize that this is the place where they get to be who they want, however they want. I want my classroom to be a place where success comes everyday and hard work and perseverance are valued over “smarts.”  I want my classroom to be fair but not equal and forgiving of mistakes, tantrums, bad days (particularly mine).

3. Where are you successful and where are you failing?

I build strong relationships with kids.  They want to be in my room and tell me about their lives.  In general they find my class rewarding, they want to be there, and to learn.  And I love what I am doing and find it endlessly fascinating.   I am not great at making sure my voice is balanced with theirs everyday.  I do not pass along the mathematical authority enough.  I am not building strong enough group work to facilitate the kind of conversations I really want.  The handwriting on the board is still 2/3 mine. I don’t always call kids out probably for racism, sexism, or homophobia.  The fact that it still happens in my room embarrasses me, a lot. And it does.  My room is not always safe which sucks. I am still working on it though.


I’m not the most in the #MTBoS but if you are interested in answers these #threeqs or the three you wish you were asked, I’m interested in reading that.  Just you know, tweet at yo girl or hashtag that thing.

Happy almost not February friends.  Keeping fighting.


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