Shut Up and Duck Face

About two years ago the Media went through this hateful phase with selfies.  They were all about teenage girls being the worst ever for taking pictures of themselves. Let’s be clear here, patriarchy makes it real easy to dismiss and mock things that teenage girls like first.  Things that often become cultural phenomenon. See Snapchat. And for that matter selfie.

So, for the last two years I have tried to take a picture of my face everyday for the month of February.  In order to stand with the teenage girls who want to own their own image.  To remember that I like my face and that it’s a good one. And because my friends and this community are spread across the world and I miss your faces.

Want to play along?  Use the hashtag #shutupandduckface on instagram or twitter.  See some previous years pics here.  Hope you’ll join us.

Weeeeeee Starts tomorrow!!!Photo on 1-31-16 at 2.39 PM #2.jpg


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