The Year of Anne

Have you ever seen the show Happy Endings?  First off, stop reading this and go watch the whole thing.  It’s a group comedy that is significantly better than How I Met Your Mother and without the insane backstory. And the whole thing is on Hulu.  Go. Now. I’ll see you in about 45 hours.



Oh hai, you’re back? A-mah-zing.  If you didn’t have time for that (or are just ignoring my sup advice) I suppose you can just watch the clip below.

Penny Hart is ridiculous.  She’s a lot of things I’m not and also a lot of things I want to be.  She’s funny, smart, successful, a little desperate, and optimistic.  So, I’ve made a decision to follow Penny I have decided that this year will be the Year of Anne. (I’m debating t-shirts with my name and face on them, want one?)


I turn 30 on Wednesday and while you can all continue to reassure me that 30 is not old it is something.  It’s a milestone.  And it’s one I’m not choosing to ignore.

A lot blogs I read like to chose a word or a theme for the the year and in the spirit of being a follower mine is relentless optimism.

This is the year of yes, amazing, awesome, can do, want to, and get it.

This is the Year of Anne.


Photo on 1-2-16 at 11.29 AM.jpg

(must be the new blonde hair.  makes me perky.)


Happy New Year Friends.  May this be the best one yet.




p.s.  I’ve missed you blog friends.  let’s talk again soon, k? K.



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