Whenever I talk to my dad about the neighborhood I work in he talks about how it’s, “getting better.”  He means  it a kind way but I really struggle with that language.  I struggle with the cost of gentrification.  If you have some time this week you should listen to WNYC’s Death Sex and Money.  This week Anna Sale went to New Orleans and talked to people about the 10 year anniversary of Katrina.  I have only listened to the first one but here are the couple of quotes from Terri Coleman, an adjunct prof at Dillard, that hit home

But progress and change comes at a cost and I think in the narratives of progress that are told by outsiders there’s not a appreciation for what we’ve lost in order to make this progress.

I’m not sure if fancy kale and bike lanes are worth that. Even though I love kale and I love bike lanes. I’m not sure if they’re worth that.

Find some time this week and give a listen.


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