BTitC: Little things.

This is a small thing.  The kids really like it when you know more than just their names.  But damn it, learn their names and fast because they love you better when you know their names. One thing I do is a lot of team building and talking about themselves the first couple days. So I have them share in small groups, in partners, and in the whole group.  Once they have done this a bit and I feel like I know all their names I ask if any kid can say one fact about everyone in the class. Sometimes I let two kids work together. This helps me learn more about them and makes everyone feel included.

If this is too much for you another suggestion would be to have them write 5 things about themselves on a index (with their name small on the bottom) and then a couple times a period read them out to the class one fact at a time and let the kids guess.  This gets you lots of information on the kids AND builds relationships.  Yay.

I’m too tired to write more.  Love you, bye.


1 thought on “BTitC: Little things.

  1. My favorite barre instructor always pronounces my name correctly. She’s leaving the city at the end of the month. I’m taking the next two weeks to correct how other instructors pronounce my name, so I may start to like them as much as I like the one who’s leaving…


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