What if I posted everyday?  What if that will never ever ever happen? What if I post today and see how it goes?  Okay, I guess I can do that.

Today was the first day of school.  We spend the first four days talking about our community and team-building.  Today was spent with my advisory.  I loves them.  I had all returners and then a new set of about 7 freshman.  One of them makes wookie noises and raptor noises.  He is a champ.

My advisees are just so lovely. My seniors are so great with the lower class people and my juniors are so strong. Like they just really have it together.

We introduce/remind kids of two of our school pillars today: Welcome and Do No Harm.  We sit in a circle and discuss what they mean.  They talk about making new students feel safe and inviting them to sit at lunch or in the halls.  They talk about knowing people’s names and making them feel important.  They discuss how we do no harm to others, our school, or our selves.

We also played games and debriefed them and pretty much loved each other.

Anyway, one day down, 179 to go.


1 thought on “180ish

  1. Wow, what a great way to start the year. I’m enjoying a new community-building move my admin asked us to do this year: get everyone wearing nametags the entire first week of school. We have sharpies and “Hi My Name Is” stickers and I already know I like this new student, E, because she told me her “thing” is sarcasm. I love that.


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