Titles of Posts I Haven’t Written.

My Classroom, My School.

Being 28, the best ever.

Some thoughts on Fall.

Former students, Currents students, All the students.

Five words: woman, feminist, teacher, pissed, hungry.

40 is a lot.

The Great Importance of Naps.

The Pillars.

Social Justice, Where, When, How?

If you comment on this I might write the one you want.


10 thoughts on “Titles of Posts I Haven’t Written.

  1. Naps. I like ’em! I am the queen (!) of the nap creators. I can put children to sleep faster than blinking! And I could have sworn they said there would be naps when I took this job! My high schoolers need them, I need them….. sigh…


  2. I’d love to hear anything you have to say! But I’m always interested in your take on Social Justice. And what’s wrong with 40 [years]+++?
    Forty kids?? I thought we were crazy in NYC with 34!


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