You can take your work life balance and

shove it.

Yes, I am tired.  Yes, I am working hard.  Yes, this week kicked my ass but you know what?  My freshman scholars presented statistics projects where they demonstrated understanding of standard deviation in real life contexts.  I heard my sophomores say things like, “Explain to me what you did on that problem” in order to help their group mates on the work.  I had two students study together and retake competencies (assessments) for solid B+ grades.  I had a very tough repeating freshman clear a no mark with me and practically cry in joy  AND THEN the next day she went to work on her science no marks.

I also worked to0 much and was too stressed and too tired but you know what?  I enjoy my job.  I want to be the best that I can and your first year at a new place that takes time. Real time.  But you know what’s different than my first year of teaching? I am good at it. Guys!  There is a real chance I am doing a good job.  An exhausting, painful, sleep losing good job BUT a good job none-the-less.

I could use more hugs, more wine, and less whine. But I am happy, healthy, and good.  Just in case you were wondering.




6 thoughts on “You can take your work life balance and

  1. I can’t imagine that you were ever not great but you are undeniably amazing. I strive to be as amazing as you are a teacher one day. I know it’s hard and hearing that not being a first yeR teacher you can start to feel good gives me hope!


  2. Hi Anne!! I’m glad you are back in San Diego!

    Work-life balance what’s that? I’ve gotten better at balancing work and life but I think having kids forced it on me. I have to leave work to pick up my kids. With that said, I left the house yestersay at 6:30 am and got home after 10 PM and my day was full of school related events. And then woke up at 5am to go to another school related event.

    Do you know many teachers with a good work life balance? I know I don’t.


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