MTBoS30 posts worth reading.

Here are some awesome posts that have happened in the past few days of MTBoS30.  If you are not a participant in this 30 day challenge I would love if for you to go and comment on two of these and give people some motivation to keep on blogging.

<3, Schwartz


James’  Being Out in the Classroom takes a great How I Met Your Mother/ Dan Meyer lesson and adds one of my favorite things: gender ambiguity.

Ashli takes things to a whole new level with an excellently executed video around why she decided not to grade stuff.

Mr. Kunkel talked about how he wished teaching math was more activity/problem solving-y like computer programing.

Bree’s reflection/butterfly painting connection is lovely.  I actually use that connection for even functions.

I really like Andrew’s assertion that you don’t actually “get none of it.”

The language we use tells us lots of things.  The language others use causes us to judge.  Grace talks about the way we speak in her piece on ethnic enclaves.

How many cars does your family own?  This post on the choices we make and Kathryn’s one car family provides a small look into her life and I, for one, want more.

Megan talks satanic sheep and kids who are weird. I could say more but the picture is worth the click.

Some of my favorite posts of all time tell me things about the author I didn’t know before.  Jessica loves antiques and refinishing. Clearly, she and I are meant to be friends for life.

Posts about people being laid off always hit close to home for me.  Brian’s tough day feels very very real to me.

And last Tina and Brian could have a separate foster care thread of #MTBoS30 and here Tina answers some questions for you but if you have more go ahead and comment.


I hope you will take a minute and click through and comment on these.  Also, I know there are others participating and I hope to do another round up closer to the end.

Happy Blogging, Dudes!


4 thoughts on “MTBoS30 posts worth reading.

  1. Thanks for compiling these. I actually think I managed to stay on top of reading posts so far. Woo! I caught myself as I was reading your post going, “Yeah, I remember that…Oh, that was a good one…” This has been a great week of reconnecting and making new connections.


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