The change in the community.

I titled this post the change in the community but if I was smart I would have called it the change in me.  In the past six months the way I interact on twitter and with blogs has drastically changed.  The biggest change happened about two months ago when I unlocked my twitter.  It started because I wanted to be a part of something.  There were conversations happening that I wanted to be included in people I wanted to talk to.

Then about a week ago I added my name to my twitter and this blog.  Partially cause I’ll do anything Kate tells me to but mostly because this blog is me and I was tired of pretending it wasn’t.

So my day two challenge for you is: thinking about why your internet activity is anonymous (if it is) and why that is.  I am not asking anyone to change just to do some thinking.

See you tomorrow.




6 thoughts on “The change in the community.

  1. Linked in, twitter and Facebook helped me through a difficult job search. It was not so much that I searched for jobs on them, but I kept myself in the loop conversationally. My blog helped me keep working on my lesson plans. I had a place to go, things to do, as I waited for that to pan out. I named my blog as simply another voice in the crowd and I kept the same name for twitter so people could find me. I don’t have my name on there, it is the definition of my name. My Facebook is not anonymous, and neither is Linked in. What made you feel you needed to begin using your name?


  2. I found myself writing a pretty long comment when it dawned on me: This could easily be tomorrow’s #MTBoS30 post! So, instead you get an apology. Sorry I’m not answering your question right now like I planned to. Hopefully it’s okay to wait until tomorrow.


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