Job Hunting. A Major Life Update.

Back in summer I decided that I wanted to get a PhD.  I spent this fall filling out applications, six all together.  Then I waited.  As my seniors stressed and cried, I stressed and cried.  It was a lot.  It was terrifying.  It was awful.

Here’s the thing: I love my job but  I am ready for a new adventure.  Honestly though, if I could take my department with me, I would.

Then something happened and I was sure I was not going to get into a PhD program so I put my name in with the private school head-hunting people.  If you teach at an independent school you know what I am talking about.  I had a few phone calls, talked about teaching, and generally got reenergized math.

So, umm, then I got into a fully funded PhD program.  Then I reevaluated and I am not entirely convinced its what I want.  I know, I’m crazy.

Since then I have had really good interviews at really good independent schools but I am still deciding, as are those schools.

Here are the certains:

I am definitely leaving here next year.

I am definitely job hunting.

So, if you are hiring or you know a school that I would be a perfect fit for here are my credentials:

I am in my fourth year teaching, one year public co-ed middle, three years single sex independent high school.  I can teach 6th grade – calc (although have I never taught APs).  I have a masters in Educational Psychology with a focus on adolescents and the internet. My top skill is connecting with kids. That contributes to the fact that I am a fantastic teacher.

I am looking for a school committed to collaboration and a deep evaluation of curriculum.  I could teach public school in NY or CA or independent school anywhere and by anywhere I mean I am really looking to teach in a large urban area.  I am looking for a school that is deeply involved in conversations about diversity and social justice.  I am looking for a school that provides opportunities for advancement and professional development. I am looking to teach at a place that most importantly makes decisions around what’s best for kids.

I think there’s a good chance I’ll get a job in the traditional manner but this worked for me last time and it can’t hurt.



Thanks for being here for the next part of the adventure.





5 thoughts on “Job Hunting. A Major Life Update.

  1. You should check us out: The Bishop’s School – a 6th thru 12th grade school in La Jolla, CA. Bishop’s is a top academic San Diego school of 800 students. I have been here for 13 years and look forward to the day that I can send my own children here. I am now chairing the mathematics department and we have some exciting changes going on. We are re-designing the middle of our curriculum (integrating the three year sequence of Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2), our middle school is going 1-1 with ipads next year, and we our focusing on ensuring that all of our classrooms are student-centered environments. To help with this venture, we are expanding our department and hiring two math teachers. If you or anyone at your schools would be interested in being part of this adventure, I would encourage you to apply. We have also hired a full time director of diversity and really try to make decisions based on what’s best for the kids. Most importantly, we are always talking about how to improve everything we do. Please let me know if I can give you any more information. Check out Bishop’s at


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