Spoken Words.

I think words are important.  Not just what you say but how you say them.  Also, when you chose not to say them.

If you follow me on the twitters or in the facebooks you have probably seen some of these but here is a collection of poems that I think are both hugely important and beautiful.  A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

1.  This for me is #1.  I have watched this one a least a thousand times.

“My bank keeps calling me and telling me it’s best for me to go fuckrupt.” -Shameaca Moore Give a F#ck


2.  This is a recent one.  This guy is just so good.

“Let me tell you about the struggle of Asian parents not knowing the language so we ate pet food because it was cheaper.” -Alex Dang What Kind of Asian are You


3.  On rape culture.  On raising sons.  On point.

“It teaches us that it is not wrong unless someone comes to arrest you.” – Terisa Siagatonu & Rudy Francisco  Sons


4. Some history for you.  Did you know Bayard Rustin?  I didn’t.

“Your skin the right color.  Your lover the wrong sin.” – Danez Smith  For Bayard Rustin


5. Last one for today as five seems like enough. On eating disorders. On girls.

“There are some accepted ways for white girls to deliver poems on eating disorders.” -Janani Anorexia



Maybe this post is not for you.  Maybe it’s just for me.  These poems are important. I need this to remember.


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