When I write something I think no one will care about.

Last week I wrote a post that I actually didn’t think that anyone would care about.  I wrote about taking body image and selfies.  Honestly, it wasn’t much but it garnered more feedback than I expected.  I’ve come out of this these thoughts:

1. When I say I am hot I don’t mean in comparison to other or by judgment of others.  I mean at 28 I like myself and my body.  That I dress is a way that makes me feel good about myself.

2.  I think all that is worth sharing and demonstrating to teenage girls.

3. I think selfies are silly, fun, and harmless.

4. I certainly don’t need anyone else’s permission to celebrate myself. So, you know, shove off.


Okay, Instructions:

For the next month I will be taking selfies and posting them on the internet. I’m using Instagram and the hashtag #shutupandduckface.  You need an instagram account to do this.  I am 90% sure to have instagram you need a smartphone or tablet.  Just download the app and get on it.  If you just want to do this on the twitters I’m into that, too.

There are no rules.  A selfie is what you make it.  Really love your shoes today?  Take that.  Mastered eyeliner?  I wanna see. Ran three miles and are a sweaty mess?  Rock that shit. I’m impressed.

Here is my first entry to soon be on instgram.  I call it, “What Saturday looks like or I haven’t showered since Thursday.”

Photo on 2-1-14 at 3.06 PM



3 thoughts on “When I write something I think no one will care about.

  1. Very relevant topic you present here; you are modeling such profound thinking in our age of beauty — an interesting construct of our understanding of gender. What impact do you believe social media has had on this phenomena?


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