I’m hot. (And a challenge)

This is not something I talk about here much. But did you know I’m hot?  I dress well, sometimes wear make up (look equally good without), and I make sweatpants look like a deliberate choice.

I think about body image a lot.  I spend my day surrounded by teenage girls and well that’s what happens.  We talk about things.  I didn’t really know about body image until high school.  You see my mother doesn’t wear makeup and never ever body shamed.  It just wasn’t a thing.

Now, I’m 28 and a sort of role model for girls I teach so I feel as though I should do/say something.  Today I read this (trigger warning: eating disorders) I thought about how I need to be more visible about positive body image.  But also, I don’t.

Because I promote this by just being me.  I am supporting my girls by not body shaming, dieting, or worrying over food.  I am promoting healthy.

So here is my ridiculous challenge.  For the month of February I will be taking a selfie a day.  And I will post the first one I take.  Because here’s the thing:  I’m, just like J.Lo, real.*  I am hoping you will join me.  Pick the social media platform of your choice, I think I’m going with instagram, and let me know.   I have a lot of hot readers and I want to see you.


I know this is silly but you know what?  It’s the dead of winter and I need some silly.  So shut up and duck face.





Happy February.


*bonus points for getting the reference.


12 thoughts on “I’m hot. (And a challenge)

  1. I don’t get the reference, but I like your post. For many reasons, I seldom think of myself as hot these days. But I also am pretty comfortable with my body. If I can find the time, I’ll post photos. (My students are grown, so I don’t hear about body issues much.)


  2. I think is a fantastic post. I was thinking about writing a response about the kinds of women I find attractive and how they do, or do not, conform the traditional view of beauty, but I realized that you, as a strong, confident woman, don’t need the opinions of another person.

    My, or any other opinions, don’t matter at all when it comes to how you should view yourself and the fact that you already know that means that you ARE a good role model for the young women in your charge.

    I don’t like my current physical, partially because I don’t like the way I look (when naked, I look like a burst package of Pillsbury biscuits) but also because I don’t like the way I feel.

    It’s not about skinny. It’s about healthy and I’m not at a level of health that I would like.


  3. Ummm…. I say you don’t need an instagram, use twitter! But if you want one I will totally follow you!

    Lisa, I did see that. I like the message, I think…. I struggle with finding my self beautiful because other people do. Not sure about it.


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