The bookcase game day 4.

Here is day four!

Please place your guesses in the comments below!

Group 4:

People (in no particular order)




Photo 11

18 @sanvanhattum

Photo 18

19 @jamidanielle 

Photo 19

26 @pamjwilson

Photo 26


Photo 29

30 @fnoschese

Photo 30

33 @merryfwilliams  

Photo 33



Numbers in Group 4.

11.                  18.                  19.                  26.

29.                  30.                  33.



3 thoughts on “The bookcase game day 4.

  1. How has no one guessed here yet?! … Fine.
    #33 – @suevanhattum, because literary classics, and she writes.
    #30 – @fnoschese, because there’s a couple whacking big Physics books in there.
    #29 – @JustinAion, because many paperbacks. Pegging him as a paperbacks guy.
    #26 – @JamiDanielle, because it runs from Algebra down to middle school and I don’t know, she said something about research the other day.
    #19 – @mathdiva77, because in the south they stack their books at 90 degrees. Maybe.
    #18 – @merryfwilliams, because… tangrams? Also middle school? I’m out of my depth here.
    #11 – @pamjwilson, because classy hardcovers and the middle initial ‘j’ seems classy.

    Someone do better than me. Please.


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