The bookcase game day 3.

Here is day three!

Please place your guesses in the comments below!

Group 3:

People (in no particular order)

2 @justin_lainer (almost the most talked about picture.  inspired my favorite comment from Rachel, “here’s a bookcase. i’m only gonna put on book on it. get over it.”)

Photo 2

7 @jennifersilvermath

Photo 7 

  10 @nathankraft1 

Photo 10









12 @rdkpickle

Photo 12

13 @rawrdimas 

20 @bobloch (Every good home has a gnome)

Photo 13 Photo 20












22 @sophgermain…. (this is me!  so many animals!)

Photo 22

24 @cheesemonkeysf

Photo 24

27 @park_star  (I think this is sooo Michelle and H)

Photo 27


Numbers in Group 3.

2.                  7.                  10.                  12.                13.

20.                  22.                  24.                  27.



6 thoughts on “The bookcase game day 3.

  1. I think #13 is Nathan’s. You already told me whose #2 is, but if you didn’t, I think I could have guessed from the round white thingy.

    Sorry I missed chance to submit my own. Mine is the best, of course.


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