The bookcase game day 2.

Here is day two!

Please place your guesses in the comments below!

Group 2:

People (in no particular order)


Photo 3

@tieandjeans  (He wins for having Blankets, one of my all time favorite books)

Photo 6


Photo 9

@sandramiller_tx  The most talked about bookcases by far and pretty much my dream.  Oh man, can I come borrow everything?  From Nora Roberts to Terry Pratchett. 

Photo 17

21 @calcdave  with the fancy styled shelves. 

Photo 21

23 @nik_d_maths  I like his photoshop work.

Photo 23

28 @lmhenry  Is it weird that I totally see Lisa and he husband here?

Photo 28

 31 @MaryBourassa

Photo 31

32 @sarcasymptote

Photo 32

35 @sergtpeppa

Photo 35


Numbers in Group 2.

3.    6.    9.     17.     21.

23.    28.    31.    32.    35.



8 thoughts on “The bookcase game day 2.

  1. I am really no good at guessing games, I’m far too analytical, and in this particular case I don’t feel I know individuals well enough. That said, I think I see some regional clues for the two outside the States…

    It occurs belatedly that there are similar indications on my own shelf. Should anyone want to verify or change their answers from yesterday.


  2. 3 @samjshah
    6 @tieandjeans
    9 @sarcasymptote
    17 @lmhenry
    21 @lisabej_manitou
    23 @nik_d_maths
    28 @sandramiller_tx
    31 @calcdave
    32 @MaryBourassa
    25 @sergtpeppa

    Weird: 3 and 32 have Infinite Jest and The Savage Detectives practically next to each other.


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