The bookcase game day 1.

Some people like to go through other people’s medicine cabinets, me, I always go for bookcases. And since there is a good chance those of us in the MTBoS will never been in each other’s houses I thought this was a good way to creep a little.

The photos are arranged in groups by pictures that I thought were kind of similar.

Here are the rules:

There are four groups of pictures. One for each of the next four days!

There are names above the set and the numbers are listed at the bottom for reference.

Match the names to their photos and place your guesses in the comments to win!

Group 1:

People (in no particular order)

@mgolding @fouss @jbrtva @crstn85 @Borschtwithanna

@trianglemancsd @fourkatie @mythagon @mathtans

Last note: You can click on the pictures to magnify them.

1 @fourkatie                                         4 @crstn85

Photo 1

Photo 4













5 @trianglemancsd                              8 @mathtans

Photo 5
Photo 8













14 @mythagon 

Photo 14
















15 @Borschtwithanna                                                   16 @mgolding
Photo 15 Photo 16
















25 @fouss
Photo 25













34 @jbrtva 

Photo 34


Numbers in Group 1.

1. 4. 5. 8.

14. 15. 16. 25. 34.


10 thoughts on “The bookcase game day 1.

  1. 1 – @crstn85
    4 – @mythagon
    5 – @fourkatie
    8 – @mathtans
    14 – @Borschtwithanna
    15 – @trianglemancsd
    16 – @mgolding
    25 – @fouss
    34 – @jbrtva

    I think…. Are you gonna tell us answers of just how many we got right?


  2. Wow, this is tough….I think there are only three that I feel good about…(Megan, you’re too easy!)
    1 @trianglemancsd
    4 @crstn85
    5 @jbrtva
    8 @mathtans
    14 @mythagon
    15 @fourkatie
    16 @mgolding
    25 @Borschtwithanna
    34 @fouss


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