Summer Travel Log.

This post is going to make me seem like the center of the universe.  So, you know, get ready to revolve around me.

I want to make sure I document this summer because I did a lot of stuffs.

First up, back in June I took I trip to DC to see Rachel and Kate and spend some quality time with Rach’s friend Molly.  The best part of this trip was that we were all so effing tired it lead to lots of lying around.  Highlights: Wine tasting, homemade poptarts, Before Midnight (which was amazing and everyone should see), and lots and lots of quality time.  (Molly I still haven’t seen your wallet!)

My second adventure was to the Stanley King Counseling Institute.  This will be its own post.  It needs to be.  It was the best pd of my life.  Go to there, no joke, go to there. But for now Highlights: a re-examination of my relationships with everyone, new thoughts on diversity in both student body and race and a tough look at myself.

Then I came home for 6 days and headed off on the month adventure I was just on.

July 5th I flew to San Jose for the wedding of Christina and Greg.  Christina was my first teacher friend.  We started at the same time and lived in the same complex and I miss her terribly.  I went to the rehearsal dinner that night and then slept in the best hotel bed ever.  The next day was the wedding.  Seriously one of most beautiful weddings ever.  And, dear lord, is Christina gorgeous.   Highlights: Christina’s dress, Italian cookies, and seeing my dear friend.

I stayed one extra night and took the train up to San Fran and had lunch with Kat.  Dear Kat, you are awesome.  Love, me.  Kat taught across the hall from me at my old school and always makes me feel like I am awesome.  So thanks.  I also got to see Joe who is a old friend from Encinitas.  I like both of us better as grown ups.  Highlights: Milkshakes, the trolley, deviled eggs, and Joe’s friend who will finish college.

Then I flew to Kauai.  It’s really tough to have a best friend with a house in Kauai.  I’m just saying.  Sarah and Andrew were the best of hosts and although I forgot to see her dress I can’t wait to see her get married in September (I am teary just thinking about it).  Highlights: Andrew’s band, beach, Sarah’s new friends, tattoos, and downtime.

After a week in Kauai I flew to my folks in San Diego.  This portion of the trip was taken up mostly by Comic Con which was a blast.  It’s my yearly hang out with my brother’s friend, whom I like a lot.  There was some quality time with Mom and Dad and a good old fashioned trip to Costco but overall the days went much much to fast. Family Highlights: Seafood Dinner, Costco and shopping.  Comic Con Highlights: Fancy cocktails, Vin Diesel, Veronica Mars, and Tom Taylor’s rant about girls in scandalous costumes.

I left San Diego Wednesday the 24th for Twitter Math Camp in Philly, which I have already talked about.  So, Highlights: meeting Michelle and seriously everyone else it is impossible to list all the awesome people I met, Karaoke, Piano Bar, Dave laughing at my morning face, and people liking my presentation.

On Sunday I left TMC for NYC and quality bff time with Ryan. The first night we had drinks with Sam, Justin, Eric, and Sam’s friend Henny.  It felt like being weaned of TMC. I was still sad to leave though.  I am pretty sure we did everything New York had to offer.  A couple quotes about NYC from Ryan an NYC virgin, “It looks just like the movies and TV shows.” – After a brooklyn bar. “I’ve been here before.”  “Really?” “Yea, in Grand Theft Auto.”  He’s the best.  Highlights (hold on to your hats people): Intrepid Museum, movies, Harry Potter Play, Natural History Museum and Space Show, 30 block walk, Colbert Report with surprise guest Robin Thicke (!!!!!), Fake Rolex, 60 block walk, First Date the Musical.

On Thursday Ry flew back to California and I came back home and slept in my bed forevers. I mean that.

So there you go: 28 days, 7 planes, 3 trains, 1 bus, over 11,000 miles and I am home.

Now 18 days til back to work.  I can do this.



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