A Love Letter to Lisa Henry

I had one goal for the month of July: to be responsible for nothing except getting myself to the airport or other transportation at the appropriate time. As you can probably guess it has been a really tough summer. (Sarcasm)
On Wednesday I arrived at twitter math camp. If you don’t know what it is you will probably think it’s weird but well it’s the opposite of that. It’s the most awesome. It’s a professional development opportunity where you know everyone already. Sorry, it doesnt matter if you understand because this is a love letter to Lisa.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you for everything. I have to tell you I almost didn’t come. You see tmc has, so far, fallen during one of my 3 weeks a year with my family in San Diego. This year though I manned up and decided I needed to meet everyone.
I could write you about all I learned in the past three days but really that was not the important part. The thing that mattered most to me was I regained a place in and a need for the MTBoS. The truth of the matter is I had all but exited. I kept up with the friends I had with almost no intention of new ones but because of tmc I want to be a better teacher again. I want to be a part of the community again. I’m going to work harder to make time for this again.
Lisa, you and the whole team that put this together have reminded me that part of being an excellent teacher is reflection and conversation and, well, I needed that.
Thanks for reminding me why I joined in the first place, thanks for all your hard work and thanks for making those four days totally worth it.



4 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Lisa Henry

  1. Wonderfully put – so glad I met you last week; looking forward to seeing you again – in the twitto-blogo-sphere – at the next TMC – even, perhaps, in the Chamber of Secrets!!


  2. I am seriously tearing up right now reading your words. Finding this community has been the greatest professional experience of my life…and one of the greatest personal experiences as well. So glad to share with it incredible people like you!


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