A call for help.

My school is now officially in it’s 200th year!  So to celebrate the bicentennial one of the many programs we are hosting is a “Great Education Debate.”

Here’s what I desperately need:  I am going to post the 8 discussion questions and can you tell me anyone you know or know of who is well-educated or well-known on either side of the question?  My hope is for people in the Northeast but I will happily take people from anywhere.  Just ideas hugely appreciated.  (Tweet, re-tweet, share all that)

Idea can also be sent to my email.

Thanks, dudes!

A. Session # 1:  What is the purpose of high school?

1.      In the age of Google, how much do we need to know?

2.     Do standardized tests reflect learning – or impede it?

3.     Is the Advanced Placement program an on-ramp to higher learning – or a dead end?

4.     Is the phrase “scholar athlete” a noble ideal – or a deceptive euphemism?

B. Session # 2:  Are we running high school in the best ways possible?

 5.    Are efforts to improve teaching accountability improving or hurting schools?

 6.     Have single sex schools outlived their usefulness?

 7.     What is the role of the teacher as the brick and mortar school itself is becoming increasingly digital?

 8.     Are efforts to improve teacher accountability improving or hurting schools?


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