and 30. Thank god.

Things I figured out while posting everyday.

  1. I don’t really want to post everyday.  Mostly just because I like this to be a place where I tell stories or figure things out and while something happens everyday it is not always blog worthy (or blog appropriate).
  2. I shouldn’t have done this in April/ May.  As Kate said, I’m exhausted people. Also, the whole moving thing.
  3. I should have posted some pictures.  My school is beautiful and my kids are rad and now I am regretting not taking pictures or videos.
  4. Lots of people read your blog if you post everyday.  Next time someone asks you how to gain readers tell them to post everyday.  My readership tripled.  (Not that I care enough to post everyday or that I really care at all.)
  5. I have some follow through.  Not my best quality.  I have never consistently worked-out for more than two weeks or had any other habit that I tried to form last but I blogged for 30 days.

And now I quit.  You probably won’t see me around these parts for a while so thanks for reading and happy end of school!


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