I don’t talk a lot about math here, mostly because I am just okay at it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it but upper division college math smacked into me that I am NOT a naturally inclined advanced mathematician.  That is, though, why I love it.  I took math in college because I wanted the challenge.  Here are some recent things I have been loving in math:

  1. Unions and intersections!  Man I didn’t really get these until I started teaching here but now I LOVE them. I just taught one of my classes how to play set (which if you aren’t teaching you should) then we did unions, intersections, and probability using the deck.
  2.  Trig and the unit circle. Trig is just amazing, how simple and useful and cool it is.  I have convinced about half my students that radians are better than degrees.  BAM!
  3. Projectile motion and graphing calculators.  Seriously, I love a kid who adjust a window properly.
  4. Combinatorics.  The fact that I get to teach this is making my life better.

Lastly, I love how smart math makes my students feel because every kid should feel that way everyday. (sappy ending)


2 thoughts on “Math.

  1. When I introduce students to radians, we refer to degrees as their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Like all exes, he/she will try to call or text, and students will be tempted to answer by putting their calculators back into degrees. They need to resist the temptation; they’ve moved on, and are in a more “rad” relationship.


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