The power of networks.

When I first started blogging it was to tell stories.  I like to tell stories and apparently people liked to read them.  Then I started chatting with people on twitter.  Then when I lost my first teaching job I realized I had a network:

I had a friend in central california with a job for me.

I had a credential buddy whose school was hiring.

I had a friend who recommended me for this job.

I had a network.  You know what is even cooler than being on the receiving end of a network is helping other people.  When a job came up that I wasn’t right for a recommended a friend.  When my brother’s school needed teachers I reached out to my network.  A friend of mine is going to a new school and I know someone there.  A new hire at my school came from Sam’s school.

Knowing people is rad.  Helping people is rad.  Meeting people is rad.  Having a network is invaluable (you thought I was gonna say rad didn’t, you?).


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