Today I called my mom to tell her I wasn’t getting her anything for mother’s day.  In typical me fashion, I mostly forgot.  In typical mom fashion, she mostly doesn’t care.  She said, “That’s, okay I just walked by a store and thought, I’m going to buy this for my garden and say it’s from you.”

Yesterday, I called my mom to ask her about some big questions in education.  She is currently typing up the answers for me. 

Somedays I call my mom to tell her about something awesome one of my students does who she always remembers the exact kid.  She gets this trait from my grandmother who for my entire life asked about my friends from elementary school and high school even well past college. Grandma still remembers all of their names and stories.  

I often feel annoyed or overbeared or something about the fact that I am doing the same thing as my mom.  But then I remember how lucky I am that I can call her any day I want and she really does understand what being a teacher is.  

So, thanks for being the best mom.  Happy Mother’s Day.  I hope this post is as good as the wind chime “I” bought you.  Also, I’ll call Grandma tomorrow. 


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