Pieces you might not think about.

Here are somethings about boarding school life that you might not think about:

  1. Health center on call – basically you get maybe 4 days a year where if something comes up after school hours you have to take the kid to the ER or urgent care or even just an appointment.
  2. Practicum drives- want a little extra money?  You can drive girls to their internships or jobs or whatever.
  3. Airport drives – before and after every break we have to drive and pick up kids from the airport.

Basically, the kids don’t have parents so there is a lot of the chauffeuring piece that usually belongs to mom or dad.


(short post but 16/30!!!!) 


3 thoughts on “Pieces you might not think about.

  1. I don’t mind the short posts. I’m enjoying them! Keep it up, you are inspiring me to get back to my blog. And… you get extra pay for driving to afternoon activities? Dang. I like that.


  2. Oh man, travel week is wild. We had to harp on them to clean their rooms starting a week beforehand at Interlochen, and all the early-morning travel times meant we were starting to suffer from sleep-deprivation by the time the last student got out the door.


  3. Even with the nurse on call all the time here, we still have times where the parent role is MUCH more real than usual. In my first year here, I had a boy who had suffered a concussion that day. For study hall duty I was supposed to let him sleep BUT I had to check on him at 11 PM, 2 AM, and 5 AM and ask him a series of questions to see if he was okay. It sort of struck me how serious this dorm job can be at times.


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